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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Public Sex- the How Vulgar EP review

80s hardcore never died, despite what some people will say.  It has never been as much of a popular movement as it was when it started, but still it persists, much to my delight.  There are notable resurgences in places like Toronto (Molested Youth, Hazardous Waste, Urban Blight) and Minneapolis (Triple Crossed, In Defence, Question); however, what about the hometown of the ever-worshipped Negative Approach?  Are there still enough pissed-off kids to get together and make some music that they enjoy and everyone else hates?  My confidence wavered for a while, since it seemed everyone liked a specific sub-genre and ran with it.  These kids, though, have their own little slice of 80s hardcore to offer in 2011, and it’s as raw, real, and pissed as it was understood by 15-year olds back in the day.
It was recorded in a goddamned basement, and despite the obvious rawness to the sound, it works very well for them.  It is 80s hardcore as it was fucking intended:  misanthropic, dirty, misunderstood, and more real than most music produced, then or now.  The sound has unlimited potential, as even this basement EP smokes the shit out of any wall-breaking or floor-punching hardcore.  Soon, this band (if they stay on track) will be one of the tighter, (hopefully) more prolific groups out of Detroit, despite being kids from downriver (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  The best song on the EP is “Personal Damage”, and the band does justice to the three covers they do, putting their own spin on “Ugly Bastards” and satisfactorily covering “Ready to Fight” and “Minor Threat”.  Already, a ten-song EP (yes, covers DO count), and only one live show (at least, at the moment this was written, Nov. 12th, 2011) under their belt, this band knows and understand that there’s work involved and for Public Sex, it will surely be worth it.
-Aunty Social

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