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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Napalm Raid- Corruption of Their Little Minds 7" review

I saw these guys live in Detroit (Hamtramck, actually) and was pretty pleased; though that was almost a year ago (the show was August 13th, 2010, the day of this writing being July 9th, 2011), I still remember this band and how well they performed onstage.  At Mid West Hell Fest a couple of months back, I grabbed this EP and set it in my “to listen to” collection of records, CDs, tapes, and downloads that has been piling up for quite some time now.  I finally got around to listening to it the other day…
I dig the noisy crust attack sound that this band from Nova Scotia; the music is tried-and-true crust.  Down-tuned guitars, D-beat influenced hardcore drums, and bumping bass.  However, the vocals are always different with each band, this one being no exception.  Though these songs are barked, they are unusually cacophonous (even for crust), and sometimes it drives me nuts.  I almost wish they sung a little more clearly.  The band, regardless, is tight, and those six songs very clearly well-rehearsed and fester deep in the hearts and minds of the members; it seems almost trivial to criticize the vocals in that circumstance.  The clarity of the message is important, especially for anyone without the benefit of a lyric sheet, and I would hate to see the band suffer because their message isn’t being heard, because this band is crust punk, exactly as it should be.  It’s loud, it’s sometimes annoying, it’s different from the norm, it’s worth the listen.
-Aunty Social

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