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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Live to Kill- Humanity's Slaughter EP review

Grinding thrashy peace punk from beginning to end, this is a great improvement for the band, the guitars, drums, and vocals are much more clean, compared to their previous releases (which are The Last Thing You See Won’t Be Beautiful demo CD and the Four Track Attack cassette).  The vocals alternate between the higher-pitched screams of singer/guitarist David Sams and the guttural, lower-pitched growls of drummer/ singer Kyle Collins; while difficult to discern the lyrics, cacophony is better served here than clean singing would.  The guitars are steady, lower-tuned punk rock- good old anarcho punk, just as I remember it.  The drums show a higher degree of expansion; one can hear all of the drums, not just the bass and snare.  It’s a great change-up for Live to Kill.  On top of this, the tracks are… just good.  This EP belongs in the mid-1990s, alongside Aus-Rotten, State of Fear, Devoid of Faith, and the likes of many of those Profane Existence and Havoc Records bands.  Luckily for us, they are in Detroit, right now, grinding away just as well as they would have if they were around then.
-Aunty Social

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