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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Midwest Waste- Four song demo review

Techno, digital hardcore, house, electronic…  Where one begins and another ends, I don’t really fucking know.  Enjoyable electronic music is what this demo is- a partnership of highly entertaining electronic…music.  A mix of funny, pointed commentary on modern culture and digital music expertise, this is one of my favorite pieces of local music, for both reasons.
First is a song called “Adderall Lavigne”, a dark-ish tune about the wonders of being on Adderall all night long, an experience I am all but familiar with.  It’s an anecdotal annotation of club life and being pumped on speed while the rest of the world sleeps.  The mix of different kinds of digital noise is a rather interesting, euphoric experience; main musician Mike Burridge is a master of his art, no doubt.  The next song is “OH! HOE!”, a social critique of the blatantly promiscuous and mentally disingenuous women peppered around the earth (with notable bases in California and New Jersey).  Singer/ secondary musician Lisa Jones takes a contrary stance to these aforementioned “hoes”, deriding their stupidity and vanity as the disgrace it is.  There is also some hip-hop influence, with the line “wastin’ all your flavor while I’m tastin’ snow” incorporating this influence most directly.  It’s also a definite Midwest product, using the line “stripper accidents, they happen all the time”, a reference to an urban legend known primarily to Detroiters.
After this was third song “Supermoving”, the most eclectic and strange song by the group yet.  It is an upbeat and happy tune, no doubt, but I couldn’t tell you for the life of me what it’s about.  I’m guessing it’s like a lot of the early 2000s pop rap that was on the radio- it’s just a word used only in the specific context within which it’s given by the narrator/ singer.  In other words, it’s a made-up term defined by the meaning given to it by the person who made it up.  Strange to the nth degree, but I still got down with the beat of the song; I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dig it.  Lastly was the song “Scone Party”.  I had to look up exactly what the fuck a “scone” is, and truth be told, I’m still not entirely sure.  It looks like some bagel or pastry treat from the U.K.- fucking weird.  How one has a party surrounding this food, or even tells someone “We’re goin’ to a scone party, you’re not invited” and expects disappointment from the recipient of the message befuddles me.  I wish the song had more lyrics and better expressed the meaning behind the song; however, the music is addictive, almost reminiscent of some Sega Genesis video game music (namely Streets of Rage 3, for anyone who remembers that old-ass game).  Being a fan of some old video games and the music that came from them, I really enjoyed that incorporation into the sound.
It’s the weirdest and best piece of non-punk I’ve come across in a long time.  Get your hands on this demo ASAP, and spread it to your local dance club.  Maybe some non-hipsters will begin their infestation of the clubs; we can only hope.
-Aunty Social

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