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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bald Pig- demo tape review

Bald Pig- demo tape review
Very rough, cacophonous-sounding fast hardcore punk with a higher-pitched, clearer-sounding singer.  This demo does not last very long at all- four minutes or so, tops.  The lyrics are not the usual sort of hardcore fare, which I can appreciate.  “We’re All Racist” is the most indicative of this- very interesting.  Undoubtedly a throwback to an old Agnostic Front song and communicating a strong “victim’s revenge” sort of vibe, “Victimizer in Pain”, this is one of the faster songs on the tape.  “M.A.D.” is the only slow song on here, a much more mid-tempo beat, but still a crusher.  Definitely a demo, but it’s so short that it’s almost impossible to waste one’s time listening to it.  Can ya dig it?  I can.
-Aunty Social

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