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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Type-3- Corporate Reign demo CD review

Type-3- Corporate Reign demo CD review
Dual vocal punk rock that mixes a lot of oddball influences to have an almost unique blend of sounds to call their own.  Mix 90s skate punk, 90s ska-core/ crack rock steady sorts of upbeat yet angry punk, and Fat Wreck-core bands, and you have Type-3.  More of a party kind of punk, it is definitely the kind of band that might not fit in on a political straight edge/ vegan bill, although they do absolutely have an anti-authoritarian ring to them.  As for instruments, everything sounds pretty tight, balanced, and clear.  If you’re into this kind of thing as a general rule (I myself am a big fan of 90s third wave ska and CRS-style bands), this is killer.  If not, you might not dig it so much.  But these are four high-quality weed-smoking, skateboarding, 40 oz.-guzzling, chill-the-fuck-out punk rock tunes.  This demo really needs to be turned into a fucking tape.  In 90% of all punks, you’ll enjoy this to some extent, and it will be well worth your time to jam this.
-Aunty Social

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