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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spit Spewing Snakes- demo tape review

Spit Spewing Snakes- demo tape review
A mix of fastcore a la Disciples of Christ, Positive Noise, and the lot and a bit of the hardcore that the former incarnation of this band (Bearfoot) would play.  Very danceable and a bit moshable as well.  The lyrics, written by singer Nate, are definitely the high point of the demo- cryptic and general yet surprisingly insightful, not a common theme for most contemporary hardcore.  I enjoyed that the most, actually.  Still, the music isn’t without its energetic and “punk rock” edge.  Two-stepping and push pits (and maybe a little bit of pillow moshing too) would be rampant during an SSS set, and have been as well.  Anyone who likes youth crew, laid-back 90s hardcore, and fastcore/ thrashcore bands would be wise to lend an ear to these local guys.
-Aunty Social

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