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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rape Revenge- Paper Cage 7” review

Rape Revenge- Paper Cage 7” review
I usually hate grindcore.  This is vegan, straight edge, queer, feminist grindcore.  Well, this review isn’t starting off well.  If you’ve decided to keep reading, you’re either really open minded, brave, or masochistic, and for that, I must commend you.  Music-wise, this is actually pretty high-quality.  The slow parts here are fucking brutal with the crunching bass and thundering drums, and the fast parts blast and shred away with the high-pitched guitar and extremely shrill singer (which is the biggest, but the only noticeable downside to this EP).  The lyrics are well-written and intelligent, but they are very difficult to discern by ear only, as per most grindcore.  However, this is more intelligent, refined, dare I say higher quality grindcore- this stands for something, and the band truly lives up to the DIY name (they played a fucking Laundromat- how punk is that!?).  For that, much respect.  I still don’t like grindcore, and these songs are higher-echelon for that genre- points for seriousness, honesty, and being good at what they do.  However, the vocals will never cease to bother me.  That, however, isn’t their fault.  For grinders, buy or die.  Punks who don’t like grind, give it a stream online first.
-Aunty Social

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