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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Most Heinous- Bendersweat EP tape review

Most Heinous- Bendersweat EP tape review
Fuzzy, noisy hardcore punk with a shrill, slightly deep-pitched female singer who throws herself into the music whole-heartedly.  The sound quality on this is absolutely a demo quality one, but given the style, I think a more rudimentary sound may fit them a little better.  If Nausea had not tuned down their guitars on their demo recordings, the sound would not be unlike the one Most Heinous has.  The bass could be a little more pronounced, but it does not greatly detract from the listening experience of this demo.  This tape is a lot like rough sex, and it also sounds like the perfect background music to it- interchanging slow and fast parts, unexpected intensity during the fast parts, the female being a lot more energetic than first expected, and somewhat deceptive in all- the cover has an adorable picture of a kitten and two little ducklings.  And much like rough sex, it definitely isn’t something you always want to partake in, but when you do, there isn’t something like it matching the intensity and sheer awesomeness of this.  Pick this motherfucking demo up anywhere you can, as soon as you can.
-Aunty Social

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  1. thanks for the review!if anyone wants to DL somefree most heinous tracks go to http://www.reverbnation.com/mostheinous
    thanks again
    -The Heinous Ones