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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Madonna- Pull the Plug demo review

Madonna- Pull the Plug demo review
Sounds like a mix of 80s hardcore, west coast powerviolence, and skate punk a la JFA and maybe some of Duane Peters’ early work.  Mile-a-minute punk rock to the bone, the topics are about typical punky things:  Skateboarding, Street Fighter, hating school, getting pizza, and ripping off Black Sabbath riffs to start songs.  Fun music, but unlike guitarist Richard Hackler’s previous band XshallowbreathX, they seem to be very laid back and not at all serious, which is advantageous in some way and a disadvantage in others.  These guys would have DEFINITELY opened for Capitalist Casualties or What Happens Next given the right time period.  Not a lot to say about it- it’s a demo, it’s enjoyable, it’s not that memorable, and it’s a fun, higher-echelon punk band that would fit well on a local punk gig.  My time wasn’t wasted jamming this.
-Aunty Social

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