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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dick Hickey- Unicorns, Rainbows, and Other Manly Shit CD review

Dick Hickey- Unicorns, Rainbows, and Other Manly Shit CD review
What do you get when you put a deranged middle-aged alcoholic and two socially unacceptable redheads (also known as gingers- this applies to ALL of them), and give them instruments and an unhealthy dose of hardcore and Anal Cunt albums?  That’s right- Dick Hickey.  The forgotten sons of a redneck backwoods Michigan area that is, in most circumstances, better left forgotten.  This is a band who is in need of two things- a Melissa Etheridge cover of “Cum 2 My Window”, and a vast increase in naked sets, or sets entirely.  Seriously, this band has a fanatic following of psychotic girls.  How do you think the name Dick Hickey came up?  Why aren’t you in the know about this neglected, abused, drugged-out trio from Michigan’s backwoods?  The music is not too shabby- demo quality angry ginger hardcore for the deranged and sexually deprived.  Not gonna lie, the band is much more tight and enjoyable live, but the 10-12 minutes this demo takes up is worth the listen.  However, do not be fooled when the band is selling their CDs for $3- there is only ONE acceptable payment amount for this little demo- exactly $0.26.  That’s right- twenty six cents.  Even better if it’s a quarter and a penny.  And it’s worth it.  Hail Satan.
-Aunty Social

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