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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bill Bondsmen- Nineteen b/w Things Fall Apart 45 review

Bill Bondsmen- Nineteen b/w Things Fall Apart 45 review
As the first song “Nineteen” starts, the singer’s anger definitely radiates over the almost psychedelic sounding heavy guitar jam that is alternated with equally heavy riffing.  The tempo never picks up beyond mid-tempo, but it never needs to- the energy is there.  All the instruments sound equally clear and balanced, managing to be distinct in their own ways.  However, the guitar is driving the sound and the vocals are moving it forward.  This definitely has an aura of pissed-off classic hardcore, but it is not- it’s a very different sound altogether.  The guitar gets into some spacy riffing parts that throw one for a loop, and it’s pretty cool.  “Things Fall Apart” is much the same in its setup, but being much shorter, it seems that much more brutish- the instrumentation and lyrics indicate that brutality does not equal unintelligent.  As the heavy riffs ring just underneath the singer’s voice, there are periodic pauses in the beat as these guitar sounds crank out and literally ring, and a voice is heard in the background, a puzzling and mysterious addition to the song.  This is unique, weird, crushing punk rock with a garage and psychedelic tinge.  The artwork is simple yet complex in its own way, and the insert is as simple as a lyric sheet and contact information.  A good couple of songs, though I prefer the short and intense blasts of the second song moreso than the first one.  Both are worthwhile, though.
-Aunty Social

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