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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Heresy- The Final Hour 7" review

Heresy- The Final Hour 7” review
This EP starts with a galloping bass, almost as strong as a guitar’s typical presence.  It definitely drives the song at first, though vocalist Tim King does begin to put in his rapid-fire words that act as the knight to the galloping horse.  The guitars are a traditional buzzsaw, not as driving as most guitar sounds, but not lacking in their contribution.  The drums are a very d-beat styled hardcore punk, definitely influenced by the likes of Discharge, Totalitar, and GBH- however, it seems to be a little more complicated than that.  It helps drive the song well enough, though.  The lyrics are anti-war, anti-system, anti-religion punk rock stuff- the words are not a huge vehicle for the band, rather it is the vocal delivery serving as the vehicle for the music.  Overall, it is low-fi raw cassette tape hardcore, the kind that ruled the 80s underground music scene everywhere, Detroit included.  Some metal influenced leaked in (in the form of short lead breaks), but make no mistake- this is Detroit punk rock.
-Aunty Social

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