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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Cray Crays- White Sand EP review

The Cray Crays- White Sand EP review
Ringing heavily of garage rock and punky psychedelic stuff, this is the kind of band that might have opened for the Stooges in the 60s.  Strikingly simple, but pleasant to the ear nonetheless.  The music is almost constantly shifting, never staying with the same riff for very long before transitioning.  The vocals on this are almost distant, removed from the music playing in the background.  It’s definitely an intended effect, but I don’t believe the early style of music was intentionally like this.  The guitar is clean, clear, and rhythm-heavy, a weirdo surf rock influence very present in the sound.  The bass is not quite matched up with the guitar level-wise, but it sounds bouncy and keeps the rhythm flowing.  The drums keep a mid-tempo beat, but manage to do their own thing in some instances as well.  The lyrics are not complicated, but are much like the simple garage rock they emulate.  I wasn’t crazy about this EP, but I see some promise for potential here.  If nothing else, this is soothing, fun, and entertaining music to have in the background.  I want to hear what these guys do next, because barring all else, I fucking love the band’s name.  Keep an ear and eye peeled.
-Aunty Social

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