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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Submit- Give In EP review

Submit- Give In EP review
Extremely heavy hardcore that blends Nails’ powerviolence-influenced brutal and heavy hardcore with contemporary hardcore that seems to slow to a crawl and use the heavy riffage of the guitar to drive the song as higher-pitched singer Quincy shouts over top all of the instruments.  This is “punch the fucking wall” hardcore, if there were ever a way to phrase it.  Not using any grey area of speed, this band is either uncompromisingly heavy and slow, or crushing and fast as fuck.  The lyrics are simple and pointed- probably better for this style of music.  This is an interesting sound, no doubt- I’m used to heavy being a down-tuned guitar and moody undertone, whereas this just employs cynical words, slow beats, heavy as hell guitar sounds, and an oddly high-pitched voice.  It almost doesn’t fit, but it does, albeit narrowly.  Not worthy of their own 7” EP just yet, but they could be on a decent vinyl compilation or split.  Good jams for the modern hardcore kids.
-Aunty Social

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