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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Skraps- Bleeding Wounds 7" review

The Skraps- Bleeding Wounds 7” review
Imagine mixing the Misfits and Blitz- hardly a match made in hell, but one that gives birth to a vocally competent, hard-nosed hardcore band by the name of the Skraps.  The music is gritty and rougher than sandpaper on a person with blistered skin- music of the streets made by those who truly spent time on the streets (the Apple SIDS were closely affiliated with the band, and were a gang to be reckoned with back around this time, 1987).  This is what street punk would come to emulate, whether it knew it or not- simple, driving guitar riffs, mid-tempo to mid-fast tempo beats, punching bass, and the occasional melody, be it in vocals or in guitar (sometimes both).  The higher-range singing voice of the singer is the primary attribute that had set the Skraps apart from the bands of their time; well, that and their anti-racist yet apolitical stance.  In retrospect, not exemplary, but pretty damn good.  “Another Story” is one of my favorite old-school Detroit punk rock songs, for its simple razor-sharp riff that perfectly blends guitar, bass, and drums to make one instrumental battering ram that will knock you the fuck out.  This is on my “want” list, very near the top.
-Aunty Social

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