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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hoax- 3rd EP review

Hoax- 3rd EP review
Fuzzy, mid-tempo, angry as FUCK hardcore from western Massachusetts.  The vocals are raspy, desperate, rage-filled short blasts of the ugliest thoughts imaginable.  The guitar buzzes along, being the background noise for the words the singer spits.  The bass is the low end of the buzzing saw, though it is a sound created independent of the guitar, distinct but barely so.  The drums usually just plug along, alternating between sludge-metal slow or punishing punk rock fast.  It’s hardcore punk as it should always be.
“Discipline” is the slogan song of the record, consisting of only a few lines- Joseph Goebbels once said that the key to successful propaganda is to take a piece of a complicated issue, simplify it to one’s advantage, and repeat, repeat, repeat.  That’s what this song does, and it teaches a self-reliant, independent, efficient mindset, an important one to have.  This song never picks up the pace, instead slowly trudging along to clearly communicate its point.  “Fantasy” is a complex psychological tale of how the mind works in the land of the unreal- an experience we all undoubtedly have had both on and off drugs.  The beat is very similar to the first song, but it does pick up the pace at times.  The words truly have to be read to be understood- they are a real mindfuck, especially as the singer spews them with all the venom of a king cobra.
“Stuck”- the tale of our lives being individuals, fuck-ups, and losers.  Again, the song plugs along at a slower pace, but it never needs to pick up- the sincere frustration and frivolity of life is easily understood at a slower pace- this is the most brutal, intense, pissed-off song on the record.  “Free the Land” is another odd tale, but it is the fastest of the songs on the record- it is about freeing the world of nature from its owners, mankind.  Interestingly enough, it isn’t a direct, poised attack on man, but a subtle suggestion done with all the vigor of one who is posing a direct attack on man for his actions.  A killer tune, though not as much so as the rest on the album.  Perhaps I will come around.  Still, it is by no means weak- it is a fucking ripper.
This is my current favorite band- lyrical relevance, the vocal driven sound done over top of the fast/ mid-tempo speed of buzzsaw hardcore.  Count me in as a rider on the fan bus for this band.  A fantastic EP through and through.
-Aunty Social

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