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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Neighborhood Threat- The Nomad Sessions 7" review

Neighborhood Threat- The Nomad Sessions 7” review
Simple, high-pitched driving riffs of fast-paced hardcore with a Choke-like voice that is low-pitched enough that it almost sounds high.  Definitely atypical in a good way.  It’s actually very much like Negative FX, because it’s faster than most hardcore, but it isn’t powerviolence- no, not that fast, but fast enough to get whiplash banging your head, which one ought to do when listening to this.  The lyrics are not very complex- very sing-a-long and easy to understand, great for this kind of music.  I could see this band being very loved by punks, hardcore kids, and skaters alike (the singer runs his own skateboard shop that everyone who hasn’t checked it out should- Refuge, on Michigan Ave. in Dearborn).  Fast music for those who live fast- be in on speed, a skateboard, or on life.  A vital sound and band in the Michigan scene, then and now (if they would ever reunite, they’d be big here).
-Aunty Social

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