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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Double Negative- Daydreamnation LP review

Double Negative- Daydreamnation LP review
80s-style hardcore with decent production value and a subtle garage influence that might not be noticed live.  At times, the guitar almost sounds like the Bill Bondsmen in its jammy, psychedelic effects- don’t be mistaken, though- this record is that same higher-pitched, take-no-shit, need for speed hardcore punk that seemed like it was dead until about ten years ago.  The only thing separating this band from the classic 80s bands is age (the band’s age, not the age of the members, oddly enough), the higher quality of the recording sound, and the fact that the members happen to also be very competent at playing their instruments (it’s for the better- talent can go a long way, even in traditionally low to no-talent hardcore).  The singer has a distant, half-vacant, nasant snot-filled shout to his voice, and even though the band has now changed vocalists, this is not too removed from the band’s sound now.  In short, if one wanted to introduce and older, more intelligent person to hardcore punk, this would be the place to start, because despite the simplicity of the songs, there is an underlying complexity to them that people who like less brutish music will enjoy.  There’s something to like for everyone, though fans of early-era hardcore and weird psychedelic and garage sounds will be the most pleased with this.  Not essential, but definitely worthwhile.
-Aunty Social

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