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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bad Assets- The Spirit of Detroit CD review

Bad Assets- The Spirit of Detroit CD review
There are many stereotypes of Oi! music that often make one laugh at the cheesiness: Going out for a drink with ‘the boys’, the general independence/ distrust of authority, hatred of working/ one’s job, and being boot boys of some sort.  This is mostly a mix of those things, plus an addition of a Detroit and modern twist to the songs.  Although all the elements of cheese are present, Bad Assets manages to avoid being too cheesy- it’s what I would call an “appropriate level of cheese”.  This is actually pretty stellar ’77 style punk rock (without the artiness of Richard Hell or the cock rock feel of the Dead Boys) with some clear, crisp production that gives the album an appropriate feel.  Not a groundbreaking release, but a strong one for the genre that it is.  If you ever listened to Blitz or felt like going out for a drink with ‘the boys’, give this a listen.
-Aunty Social

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