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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Draize- s/t LP review

Draize- self-titled LP review
I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I feel like this deserves mentioning anyways.
Powerviolence meets hardcore meets a little doom metal- or better yet, early D.R.I. meets Cold as Life meets pretty much any doom metal band (let’s not kid ourselves, the sound difference between bands is minimal).  However, even this description is only general.  The drums are like galloping thunder here- pounding and utterly crushing, alternating between a jackhammer and a sledgehammer, without any compromise for intensity.  The guitars are downtuned to a hellish pitch, an unusual feature for powerviolence, but it sets them apart for the better.  The vocals are more of a hardcore tone, sometimes speeding up for a faster delivery, a la Lack of Interest.  Though pretty much every song on here is absolutely crushing, ‘Broken Teeth’ seems to stand out the most- sounds like Death in Custody on a 45.  It’s not easy to classify this band under any one genre, but they seem to fit well under the umbrella of heavily powerviolence-influenced hardcore, which has become much more popular as of late (this came out in January 2011, I believe)- still, even under this umbrella, the lower tuning Draize has makes their minute-long songs that much heavier and angrier.  This is not an LP to ever sleep on- I am really regretting doing that now (writer’s note:  I saw these guys in Grand Rapids in early 2011, and I wasn’t fully aware of how good they were at the time).  If you like heavy, fast, or angry, you’ll love this.
-Aunty Social

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