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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lil B- “Wonton Soup” single review

Lil B- “Wonton Soup” single review
What can one say about this fabled underground hip-hop artist?  He is as nasally as Bob Dylan and his rhymes can be downright bizarre, but the man’s work is intoxicating.  The subject matter of the song is unclear, but my senses indicate that it is an ambiguous mix of metaphorical soup and contemporary rap themes.  The most noticeable line in the song is directly related to typical valet duties and involuntary infidelity on the narrator’s part.  Lil B, who also goes by the name “Based God”, steers his way through a crash course of celebrity name drops and rhymes to make it to the end of his song.  While the music is at times an indiscernible mess, it is also undeniably amusing, entertaining, and a song that one can groove to.  While I have always preferred chicken noodle or New England clam chowder, perhaps I will give this wonton soup a try.  Thank you, Based God!
-Aunty Social

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