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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hoax- First EP (a.k.a. ‘Fagget’) 7” review

Hoax- First EP (a.k.a. ‘Fagget’) 7” review
This is some of the angriest music I’ve ever heard.  This is the modern, self-loathing, nihilistic version of Discharge- intense, brutal, simple, and absolutely without compromise.  ‘Fagget’ is the sort of song fans would scream for, hate mosh to, and destroy their voice bellowing the lyrics with almost as much rage as the singer.  It’s about the consequences of bullying people with a particularly invective homophobic epithet, and rather than the music being fast, it is mid-tempo, and absolutely crushes.  (writer’s note:  This is the kind of song that if KING wrote it, this would be the song that would set off the crowd)  This song is so angry, so blood-boiling, so vicious that it feels good.  ‘Endgame’ is a continuation of the mid-tempo theme, and this time is about losing, presumably in life.  One is liable to end up with a very bloody nose by the end of this song.  ‘Dead Weight’ is about the burden of depression and the treatment methods that might come with it.  It rings too true of the crushed hope often following a treatment that is not effective enough, or in this case, completely backfires and makes one worse.  (writer’s note:  I myself have had experience with this, and it is all but true- when medication for an already depressed person doesn’t work, the patient often gets worse because they expected to improve, and they didn’t, and this feeling only worsens when said meds backfire)  There is undoubtedly a level of annoyance experienced when one says “I feel like shooting myself today” when said person is merely having one bad day, and this person has yet to realize what that feeling is like on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.  ‘Leech’ closes out the EP, and is about, you guessed it, a one-sided relationship where one gives and the other takes, with the parasite clearly dependent on the host for the taking.
This EP is the soundtrack to the self-annihilation of one person.  You will find this record playing in the bathroom with a suicide victim and a plugged-in toaster.  Death is not swift.
-Aunty Social

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