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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beverley Kills/ The Destructors- split CD review

Beverley Kills/ The Destructors- split CD review
This starts out reasonably well- I was surprised.  The first three tracks are by Beverley Kills, and this reminds me of a slightly more poppy version of Vice Squad- the singer of this band has a little less snot and a little more tone to her voice.  Actually, it’s kind of enjoyable.  The music is mostly the same, although I hear some Anti-Nowhere League in the basic sort of street punk-y sound Beverley Kills has.  The mix is clear, the lyrics are decent, I would like to see what this band has in store for the future.  There’s a lot of potential for them, especially if it’s grittier and less professionally recorded next time around.  The Destructors’ songs are mid-paced fuzzy punky garage rock from Britain- somewhat of a sound of its own, but nothing to go nuts over.  These are pretty much standard fare for Destructors’ songs- nothing very good or bad, just unnoteworthy.  Unfortunately, they had to following a surprisingly stellar band like Beverley Kills, and couldn’t keep up.  Oh well- better luck next time, fellows.
-Aunty Social

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