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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nu-kle-er Blast Suntan- The Wheel of Fate is Turning 7” review

Nu-kle-er Blast Suntan- The Wheel of Fate is Turning 7” review
The first thing I can note about this is that the vocals (80-90% of the time) sound very different than those on the ‘Blot Out the Worthless Sun’ LP- however, intensity is still very much present.  The instrumentation is still very on point- weird as hell, yet still having enough of a linear focus to be able to bang’s one’s head to the tune of the music.  The guitar work is the truly unique, NBST mix of psychedelic, crust punk, hardcore, and thrashy riffs and licks, with bits of sheer mindfuckery spliced in.  All three songs are independently punishing tracks, “Judgment” being the best among them.  However, it is very difficult to explain NBST to someone who hasn’t heard them- rather than being a snobby hipster and pretending I’m awesome for discovering this awesome band that happens to be extremely unique, I instead implore anyone who likes extreme or weird music to give this EP a listen- while the LP is a little more forward, this is a step deeper into the psychedelic element that makes that band much more diverse and interesting.  This could be (in my opinion) one of the most unique, strangely punishing bands to watch out for.  Highly recommended.
-Aunty Social

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