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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not Ok.- self-titled EP review

Not Ok.- self-titled EP review
This EP starts off very melodic and slow- it honestly sounds a lot like ‘The End’ by the Doors, at least instrumentally.  When the vocals kick in, it sounds a lot like a hardcore singer, and it works- usually this style isn’t that heavy, but the singer adds a very powerful vocal point that makes this band sound interesting.  The next song ‘Torrence’ is high-pitched hardcore, chugging along whilst retaining the emotional energy present in the first song.  I could break down walls to this song- good deal.  Next, ‘Poor Image’ has an intro that mixes the weird post/melodic hardcore sound with the faster hardcore, then segways into a strictly post-hardcore song.  I like this off-the-beaten-path style of music mixed with my traditional hardcore- it’s very off-kilter and odd, but uniquely charming.  ‘Untitled’ is like a Tragedy song, tuned back to normal, distortion lowered, and the singer not sounding so British- aside from those things, this sounds like it could be a Tragedy song if it was tweaked right, or vice versa.  Lastly, ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’ starts off with a post hardcore-ish sound, then dives into a more modern hardcore sound and cruises along until venturing into something I can’t quite discern the sound origination of- some feedback, some negative, shouted vocals that ring like a more emotional Earthmover, and just a tinge of metalcore.  Like I said, weird and not quite explicit in genre, but strangely enjoyable.  Even if it leaves you scratching your head, it’s recommended for a listen or two, at least.
-Aunty Social

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