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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Disobey- Human Suffering in Five Moments tape review

Disobey- Human Suffering in Five Moments CS review
Extremely heavy and mystic, the only band I can truly compare these guys to is His Hero Is Gone, whom they sound like an unrefined demo version of- nothing wrong with that.  These songs are mostly mid-tempo and focus more on the brooding, dark tone than the speed or the breakdowns.  That being said, this sounds like a 90s era Cold As Life worship band just discovered HHIG (or Tragedy, or anything the Burdette brothers do, for that matter) and decided it was their new favorite band.  This is definitely off-kilter for a crust band to play, and it’s pretty damn good.  Not over or under-produced, everything is mostly clear in tone (although my tape deck gives a little fuzzy feedback that unpleasantly distorts things), and not everything is linear and straightforward.  If nothing else, these guys get credit for being able to fit on a hardcore crusty punk bill without too much difference between the bands they’d probably play with.  Not on a Tragedy or a Civil D level, but well worth tape trading and listening to.
-Aunty Social

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