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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Destructors- Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll CD review

The Destructors- Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll CD review

A rock record that, while alright, is a little too self-aware for me.  It’s like a punk record that sings about being punk, or a hip-hop album that raps about making beats.  Outside of that metaphysical aspect, this is more of the garage-y punk sound that is somewhat unique to this band.  Nothing that really stands out as great, but the track ‘Sex in Chains’ is downright painful to listen to, to the point of where thinking about the song’s topic causes one to lose any potential boner/ wetness/ arousal because it will remind one of the truly awful chorus.  It’s also just plain blasé to sing about rocking out in 2012- some political and personal topics never lose fuel over the years, but rocking out is a song topic that needed to die a long time ago.  Rhyming is good, the mix is balanced, and the sound is pretty much crystal clear- not all bad news here.  Worth getting a burned copy or borrowing, but a great album it is not.  Passable is more like it.
-Aunty Social

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