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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Diane Rehm- demo tape review

Diane Rehm- demo tape review
Asymmetric west coast-style powerviolence in the vein of Despise You and Naked Aggression; this quartet is just as much “think” as it is “hit the gas”, rapidly vomiting up sociological sentiments of disenfranchised youth, both in the words and the music.  The vocals are shrill, rapid-fire bursts, emotional in their anger and frustration brought on by everything from rapists and misogynists to the human condition, and apparently, cystic fibrosis.  The music does follow some typical patterns, but it stops and starts without warning as well; it is truly music played by those who are not musicians, which is the way punk rock ought to be played, at least most of it.  One of the finer Michigan bands I’ve heard as of late.
-Aunty Social

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