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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hounds of Hate- s/t LP review

Hounds of Hate- s/t LP review
This record mixes up the ’88-era hardcore with that of the contemporary style focusing on slower, more gang vocals and chug-oriented sounds, and it’s pretty stellar.  The slow parts are heavy as shit and the fast parts thunder away as singer Trey spits out his thoughts and ideas, which cover a pretty wide array of topics, from drug addiction, a new world order, interpersonal problems, to a few where I’m not entirely sure what the song is about.  Four of the songs on this LP were on a promo tape I nabbed in late 2012, and it’s safe to say that this LP lived up to my expectations and more.  Secret Knowledge, Pound of Flesh, Brotherhood of Night, and Untouchable are my favorite tracks, but none are bad, unbalanced in their respective mixes, or out of place in any way.  It’s very friendly to hardcore kids and punks alike- it’s not as pointed as the EP, but it is damn close.  Sing-along, two-step, ninja mosh, it’s all good here.  Packaging is stellar as always- Painkiller does it right.
-Aunty Social

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