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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Power- Bremerton Zoo LP review

Power- Bremerton Zoo LP review
This Pacific Northwest hardcore band is a mix of a Rival Mob-ish sound and a Rzl Dzl sound, in the instruments and the vocal styles, respectively.  It has an angry, yet fun vibe to its sound, an acknowledgement that the world does indeed suck something awful, but fuck it, let’s party.  The vocal delivery is pretty good, even if the lyrics didn’t grab me so much; it’s a well-produced record, so everything is crisp-sounding, balanced, and sounds the way it should.  As a not very fun person, I found this to be a very fun record.  Mid-tempo hardcore record on vinyl with a sweet layout and good packaging- not groundbreaking, but hey, what is anymore?  I liked it.
-Aunty Social

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