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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kingpin- 2013 demo review

Kingpin- 2013 demo review
I’ve always goose-stepped with 90s-style hardcore, being that I’ve always preferred fast over heavy, but this is one exception to that rule.  This is just awesome- a Leeway, Marvel, and Robocop reference all in one demo and band!  This is before I even listen to the music.  However, it got better when I did.  The production on this is very raw, and in a type of hardcore known for over-production, I am extremely pleased to see a return to simplicity and self-recording.  The metal influences on the songs are noticeable, but this is no doubt a hardcore demo, no a metalcore one. The first track ‘Former Glory’ is a catchy number with some toe-tapping riffs, and a breakdown that will make even the most introverted, quiet of hardcore souls go off and unleash a catharsis on mosh pits worldwide.  ‘Choking Dust’ is a longer song, but it keeps one’s attention; it’s much more of a fun song than an angry one, though there still is some anger in the words.  At long last, ‘Bitches Leave’, even though it does sound misogynistic, is merely a Robocop reference (+1 for Detroit) and relates to people one hates, both sons of bitches and bitches alike.  This one has got to be a crowd pleaser, because even I would happily do a Cold World finger point and chant to this song.  It also does not let up on the speed either- everything I ever wanted in a hardcore song, here.
This is one hell of a band to look out for, on the real!  Can’t recommend this demo enough.
-Aunty Social

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