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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dismantle- In Stride tape review

Dismantle- In Stride tape review
Mixing 80s hardcore and what I call new age hardcore (the sort of metalcore-influenced mid-tempo hardcore done by bands like Expire, Rotting Out, Trapped Under Ice, the Mongoloids, Backtrack, Malfunction, Take Offense, Soul Search, etc.), this tape is a little different than the band’s ‘Complaints’ 7”, but in a good way.  This seems to be more go than slow, and has a very distinct guitar tone, not too far off from the ones used in Nardcore bands- in short, it’s more punk than hardcore, and I like it.  The vocals are slightly nascent shouts delivered in differing bursts of length, with words/lyrics largely aligned to a philosophy of “fish out of water, but certainly not out of place”; it’s relatable and individualistic.  The lyrics are better here, but still comparable to the EP, so not fantastic but not bad either; par/birdie for the course.  For a demo, I dug it pretty well.  Also, I must say that the last song has a bass line very much like Negative Approach’s classic ‘Ready to Fight’, and that’s cool as hell.
-Aunty Social

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