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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wartorn- Iconic Nightmare LP review

Wartorn- Iconic Nightmare LP review
Sporting some heavy-as-fuck rhythm guitars, driving lead guitars, and left-leaning lyrics, you just know this is some melodic D-beat-influenced crust, straddling the line between hardcore punk and metal on its road to delivery.  Even though most of the songs have the same structure, the structural prototype is a most excellent song, and the lyrics are captivating enough to keep one’s attention through the length of the song.  Ironically enough, this music is great for playing really violent video games, as it gets the blood flowing like no other record of its type.  It’s very war-like anti-war music; not quite a paradox, but perhaps an oxymoron of sorts.  There is still a satisfaction in bellowing the line “The son of god, knee deep in blood!” that resonated with the masculine urge towards violence and power that can’t be replaced with the calmness of peace and tranquility.  It’s an indication that perhaps a species-wide peace is contrary to the natural order of man’s primitive instincts; if our nature is one towards that of destruction, should we really fight it?  On a musical note, it is one part Tragedy, one part Amebix, and one part State of Fear; vocals are barked out in clear but pissed-off phrases, distinct dissidence, so to speak.  For a band like this to get the Southern Lord treatment is… interesting, but no band deserves it more than these guys do.
-Aunty Social

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