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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nuke Cult- Join or Don't demo review

Nuke Cult- Join or Don’t demo review
Like a darker version of The Freeze, Nuke Cult still rings of the nascent, adolescent anger of the hardcore of yesteryear.  However, something about the instruments seems… darker, more evil, more menacing than the likes of their influences.  The songs are driving, dingy compositions of a brain(s) filled with more caffeine than dopamine, more adderall than tetrahydrocannibol, and more pimple-faced frustration than stone-faced constipation.  It’s a cornerstone of a growing Kansas City hardcore scene that includes the likes of Spine, Night Moves, No Master, Vomit Assault, Kicked In, Dirty Work, and certainly more.  This is the weird punk that I love, and should get more credit than it does.  Get a 7” of this demo pressed ASAP, labels.
-Aunty Social

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