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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vulgar Display- Under Darkness and Prayer EP review

Vulgar Display- Under Darkness and Prayer EP review
This is bona-fide metalcore:  Metallic hardcore, the kind of sound created by the likes of Integrity, Earth Crisis, and Ringworm.  Usually mid-tempo and sometimes slow in the most wretched of ways, this sound is heavy as fuck, the chords reverberating for seconds after they ring out.  The vocals are not guttural as is usual for the dirtier side of metalcore; it’s much easier to discern the words the vocalist is singing, and he still has a righteous anger in his voice.  The lyrics are pessimistic as ever, lone wolf of justice style- The Punisher would probably approve.  The ninja moshers will love the hell out of this, and so will the proponents of late 80s-early 90s hardcore, for it has a few breakdowns and a lot of old-school vibes, even though it’s a modern creation.  For any and all who raise the banner of “hardcore”.
-Aunty Social

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