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Friday, November 29, 2013

Hit List- You’re Next EP review

Hit List- You’re Next EP review
This EP makes me want to rip my dick off, throw it at skinny people, and proceed to beat the fuck out of everyone weaker than me.  Not shoot, not stab, but punch; choke; slam; kick; skull bash; strangle.  Baseball bats could also be considered acceptable in this situation.  Imagine if Axel from Streets of Rage went on a huge ‘roid rage- that’s what this EP is like.  It exaggerates every part of straight edge hardcore to the most ridiculous lengths, and it’s awesome.  Not gonna lie, these are some real crowd-killing, hate-moshing, clean-up-your-life-while-you-mop-up-the-mosh-floor jams.  Guttural grunts, burly bass lines, garbled grinding guitars, awesome alliterations, and simple but very direct and uncompromising lyrics.  This straight edge cuts to the chase, not to the veins.  Recommended.
-Aunty Social

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