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Friday, November 29, 2013

Fake Asian Rolex- 74K34514NR013X EP tape review

Fake Asian Rolex- 74K34514NR013X EP tape review
This French hardcore band is a mix of a noise and wall-of-sound punk, using very simplistic but loud and powerful guitar tones.  The vocals are screechy, high-pitched shrieks that don’t seem to follow any contingent rhythm- it’s atypical for hardcore, no doubt.  However, there is still a subtle method to Fake Asian Rolex’s madness.  There’s a spooky guitar tone whenever a lead is to be found, though that is uncommon.  No lyric sheet here, and given how dissonant and cacophonic the music is, I am hard-pressed to decipher what the band is singing about, aside from the song titles, which are largely nonsensical to begin with.  I do find humor in the last song on side B- something about the opening riff of the song being stolen from a moderately famous band.  For those who like their music shitty or their noise high quality- this darts back and forth across that noise/music border like heart monitor.
-Aunty Social

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