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Friday, November 29, 2013

Collapse- Disarm EP review

Collapse- Disarm EP review
Gritty, soft-spoken, hard-hitting, introspective, meaningful, angry, proactive, hardcore punk.  The lyrics and vocals are enough to put one on edge most of the time, but the driving sounds of the music make that all the time.  The ending part of the song “Fuck You I’m Done” is as edgy and balls-to-the-wall as it fuckin’ gets for hardcore punk.  This song even incorporates some Crucifucks influence:  “I brought in the mail, I did my dishes, I cut up coupons, I watch the neighbors washing their car”- it’s very comparative to the lyrics in the Crucifucks’ song “By The Door”, in that it is bizarre, intriguing, and inspired to bring about a very violent outburst.  The rhythms in “Disarm” are intoxicating, almost droney (there’s a song about droneys, too), like an early Killing Joke, a la their song “The Wait”.  The frothing, furious, vicious, vindictive words of this song drive one to the same anger the singer has about the subject matter (disarming a rapist- can’t say it’s a bad idea, so long as they get an opportunity to speak for themselves in court; vigilante justice by the one wronged is A-OK too).  It’s interesting, if not inspirational.  The rest of the tunes fucking slay just the same- though it’s hard to nail down any one band this group is influenced by, it’s still familiar, in a way.  Loud, heavy, fast, deep hardcore punk with energy bursting at the seams- this is one of the best new-ish Detroit bands I’ve heard in quite some time.  Get these songs- NOW.
-Aunty Social

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