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Friday, November 29, 2013

Opposition Rising- Get Off Your Ass Get Off Your Knees 10” EP review

Opposition Rising- Get Off Your Ass Get Off Your Knees 10” EP review
Unlike the LP and the sound started by the preceding band Mouth Sewn Shut, the first three songs are strictly hard-hitting, heavy, misanthropic hardcore punk.  “Guilty” is about the distrust in one’s fellow man and inverse to the principles of the judicial system (the only realistic approach for a cynic or a pessimist).  “No Way Out” is a discussion of how those involved in the scene, much as they try to get out and live a “normal” life, don’t seem to be able to, and should instead accept one’s existence as a cog in a countercultural machine.  The ‘lifers’ of this social scene, the ones who have really stuck around for an extensive period of time, really ARE in it for life, whether they have the absolute desire to be or not.  “I’m an Infidel”, even though it sounds like an advertisement for a particular type of wine (zinfandel, for those who are wondering), is the angriest, hardest song on the record.  Rather than criticizing one religion, it points the finger at the evangelical/Abrahamic religions, who condemn nonbelievers as so-called ‘infidels’ who must face conversion or destruction.  A very memorable tune.  The B-side is completely different than the A-side; the first song “Get Off Your Ass, Get Off Your Knees” is in the tune of the Mouth Sewn Shut/first album, in that it has the upbeat ska/reggae tone mixed with the anarcho punk undertones in the lyrics and vocals.  It is very danceable and catchy, for all those who enjoy the bubblegum sensation of catchy, danceable song.  The last song is a remix of songs on the first LP into a slower version; a medley, so to speak.  Nothing new, but it’s easier to understand the lyrics, which is good in a way.  Packaging on the record is nice, though I think it could have fit on a 7”.  Nice work.
-Aunty Social

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