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Friday, November 29, 2013

Poison Tongues- The Hard Right Way CD review

Poison Tongues- The Hard Right Way CD review
Composed of MIHC veterans on all fronts, Poison Tongues already starts off with a little prestige (Lenny, the singer, was in Earthmover and still sings for Nightbringer sometimes).  However, it doesn’t take long before that prestige is found to be unnecessary for the quality of the music.  This is a mix of Cold as Life and Earthmover- it has that gritty, rough feel Cold as Life is known for, and it has a lot of the musical qualities of Earthmover, i.e. the two guitars, slower breakdowns, deeply introspective lyrics, etc.  The mix is an effective one, and it has the distinct Nietzschean, blue-collar Detroit man philosophy:  alone, angry, yet relatable and not unkind.  The gang vocals are an addition new to the members of these bands, for the most part, but it’s fitting and seldom-used.  The lyrics are always interesting, often either anecdotal or generally philosophical.  Not all songs have “the breakdown” most contemporary hardcore is known for using, and there’s even a blend of songs to sing along to, two-step to, hardcore dance to, and get into it period… to.  This was a huge step up from the demo, and sounds well-produced, though not necessarily overproduced.  In an age of hardcore where everyone wants to be bros and community is what’s emphasized, Poison Tongues is here to remind one that the hard, albeit right way of living is that of individualism and personal autonomy.  The classic Detroit punk rocker isn’t dead yet!
-Aunty Social

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