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Friday, November 29, 2013

Snakes- Waking Up and Decomposing 7” review

Snakes- Waking Up and Decomposing 7” review
This either hits a mile a minute or like a tank at ten miles an hour- it’s always heavy, but it alternates between punishing powerviolence and slow, sludgy doom/death metal- the comparisons to Entombed and Nails not far off, this EP start both the A and B-sides with a fast, furious, filthy, fucking track, and ends them with a slow and concentrated track that is more metal than punk.  It’s not metalcore, but it certainly is some sort of fusion between metal and hardcore, and not a bad one if taken with a dosage of weed or a restricted dosage of dark, sludgy punk music.  It’s good, but it’s a unique monster that doesn’t go well with the demons of its kind; I find it best mixed with dark and thrashy metal bands or mid-paced, light punk bands.  The lyrics are the anti-life, human condition, Nietzschean-esque style known to come from loners.  The vocals blend the death metal snarls and the hardcore grunts specific to their respective genres.  Though the design style is somewhat mysterious and indirect, it is definitive to its style and is, at least to those with a dissonant view on the world, eye-catching.  Well-produced and appropriate for what it is (i.e. not a full-length LP/CD- that’s just too much for this style of music- and EP or split LP is just right).  Keeping an ear out for these Grand Rapids grunts is in your best interests, true believers of metal and hardcore.
-Aunty Social

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