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Friday, November 29, 2013

Minus-9- Drown CD review

Minus-9- Drown CD review
A punk-influenced drum-and-bass group who specializes in experimental, weird, almost Crucifucks-esque punk rock, though there is a theme that seems to differ from traditional punk-sounding music.  Lyrical themes are all over, but there’s definitely a lean towards war-themed songs (Blackwater, World War VII, Genocide), and it’s all at least somewhat violent- interestingly cathartic.  However, this is very driven music for missing a key component of a band, the guitar; the songs are energetic, albeit without any recognizable song structure, just rhythms and choruses.  This band could fit into just about any kind of show line-up in music right now, given how diverse and nontraditional it is.  I dig the black-and-white imagery, though the benefit of lyrics would be nice- this is discounted only because I can understand what bassist/singer Andrew is singing.  I can dig it.  The songs are memorable, though the most notable one is the last one, “Black”.  The rest don’t stand out much for music, but the vocals get kind of drilled into one’s head, for better or worse.
“I like it!”- Jim Carrey
-Aunty Social

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