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Friday, November 29, 2013

ARBCO Flexi #2 compilation 7” review

ARBCO Flexi #2 compilation 7” review
Lord Centipede’s “Blizzard of Cocaine” rips like a modernized Black Flag would- fast, driving, punishing, desperate, and at times repetitive (ignore Greg Ginn’s new Black Flag stuff, and imagine if Black Flag came out today with more modern influences, if that’s possible).  It has a downtuned and dark feel to the guitar element, which makes for a very interesting noisemaker.  Suicide By Cop’s “Why Try?” begins as experimental and jazzy before blasting into something that does sound downright like a First Four Years-era Black Flag outtake with the very definitive guitar tone, anxious and raspy singer, and reasonably fast-paced beat.  This is different than most of Suicide By Cop’s other material, not to mention better.  Scissor Now!’s “Sexual Kombucha” starts out with a funky bass line and horn (trombone, I think) line in the background, and then a weird chant by all three members that is eventually followed up by a slow chorus line and an absolutely strange coda, before breaking into a verse of bizarre chanting once again- it’s almost barbershop-quartet esque, but not as well-coordinated.  The explicit and implicit sexual tones of this song are interesting, and only add to the sheer level of weirdness, mindfuckery, and head-scratching curiosity that this song brings.  Two songs of Black Flag-influenced hardcore punk mixed with one song of something that is almost too weird for mankind to have concocted and organized.  Gotta love it- I do.
-Aunty Social

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