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Friday, November 29, 2013

Kremlin- demo tape review

Kremlin- demo tape review
Though their first release, this tape lasts longer than the 7” they did on Hardware Records.  The song lengths do vary, as do the lyrical content of the songs, but the music is largely the same lo-fi, deranged, fucked-in-the-head 80s hardcore is best known for.  The thumping drums, detached bass, jarring vocals, and pulse-pounding guitar are almost interchangeable with the likes of the Clitboys, the Neos, demo-era Germs, or a lower quality version of the The Fix.  Driving, distant, distorted, and definitely simple music that belongs to anyone who is a punk and/or has a mental deficiency.  No gods, no masters, no production, no bullshit hardcore punk.
-Aunty Social

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