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Friday, November 29, 2013

Bowser’s Castle- While My Genre Dies CD demo review

Bowser’s Castle- While My Genre Dies CD demo review
Mixing several genres into one sound- the typical response to a scene overwhelmed with too much straight ahead purity of music.  Most bands are boring at best when it comes to this, and after a few listen, I thought this band would be no different.  However, given time, the songs here are actually pretty infectious.  Taking parts of third wave ska, classic rock, ambient music, psychedelic rock, and a slight amount of pop music, the blend here is kind of boring at first- dreary garage rock for stoners.  I first thought this because I always compare this band (inadvertently) to bassist Joe Sicard’s old band Treehouse Rivals, who were just bursting with energy and are still one of my favorite local bands of all time.  However, when I stopped comparing the two bands, and instead pretended it was a brand spankin’ new band of ‘nobodies’, I began to see some of the higher points of this music.  It’s angst-filled, slower, catchy, toe-tapping rock and roll.  It’s a very mellow sound, but not lacking in emotion; listening to the lyrics, one can feel the frustration the singer exerts in the words.  On top of it all, this was recorded completely DIY, and for a trio with little to no direct recording experience, this is pretty decent in terms of balance, though the bass could always be a little louder.  Simple music, but only at a first glance- there’s more than meets the eye here.  For your mellower, somber moods, or if you’re a fan of sparking up, this is a decent soundtrack for cooler people than myself.  The hipsters ought to flock to this band and love them before they get big.
-Aunty Social

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