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Friday, November 29, 2013

Captive Bolt/Gary Francione split EP review

Captive Bolt/Gary Francione- split EP review
An interesting mix of forces here, done in an atypical way, unlike most splits.  One force is a band, the other a professor with strong opinions and the four songs are a split in an AB-AB format, rather than the usual AA-BB one.  Aside from that, this EP has some vegan teeth, being very opinionated and bordering on angry.  Too, the politics is not an interruption in what one would usually experience listening to an informed argument and a hardcore punk band- the anger, energy, and focused but not hopeless negativity of the band and the organized, logical, professional, and non-dismissive but opinionated attitude of the speaker.  This is highly recommended for punk/hardcore fans, vegans and non-vegans, and those who simply enjoy fast music and wise words.
Captive Bolt’s two songs never relent on energy or opinion, and can start a pit just as much as they can start a conversation.  Gary Francione’s spoken word tracks are very interesting to listen to and dissect, logically speaking.  The argument is sound; there are few, if any, fallacies in the words he says.  Although his assumptions and preconceived notions of “truth” as he sees it are relative and I don’t necessarily agree with all of them, I fully understand his point of view and it makes logical sense, but the presumptions he has that are of pure opinion are not my bag, so to speak.  Still, there’s much to be said for one who doesn’t shame someone else for having a differing opinion, and still manages to make logical sense- much respect on that regard, as it has truly given me something to consider.  Two thumbs up.
-Aunty Social

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