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Friday, November 29, 2013

Lay It On the Line- Crowhurst tape review

Lay It On the Line- Crowhurst tape review
A sort of street punk mixed with melodic punk/hardcore; the production value on this tape is damn fine, very polished and clear, strong if you will.  The guitar riffs are the most notable attributes of the songs here, though the gruff but not cacophonous vocals are another worthy piece of the music here.  This is largely a mid-tempo record, the energy evenly spread across all the instruments.  Though there is not a lot of overwhelming power in any of the parts of the music, it is still rather strong, especially for hardcore that emphasizes more on melody than on rhythm.  Not a piece to be broken up into individual songs, the record as a whole is pretty good, but the individual songs don’t stand out much.  Packaging on the tape is good, but I always like a lyric sheet with any record or tape.  A good investment for those who like the other side of hardcore, the one less traveled.
-Aunty Social

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