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Friday, November 29, 2013

Dirty Work- self-titled 7” review

Dirty Work- self-titled 7” review
The snottiest, glue-huffing-est, most depraved set of dirty fucking hardcore punk to the Midwest wastelands in a while.  Like a teenage girl with a deep voice throwing a temper tantrum, the singer is nigh-incoherent, yet the energy offers radiation like no other band of its kind.  The music is low-fi, dirty (much like their name), confused, but still intense and as direct as it can be for its genre.  The lyrics are as illegible as the thoughts the singer spews out of his mouth are indiscernible, so it’s difficult to understand what he’s saying.  The underlying attribute of this record is confusion.  It sounds a little bit like Cülo, a little like Hated Youth, and a little like Nervous Breakdown-era Black Flag, perhaps a little more desperate and direct.  The artwork is a league of miniature people crawling out of the mouth of a baby; very fucking weird and unclear as can be, but still confused and direct in whatever it might be conveying.  The line that sticks in my mind off this record is ‘It’s not worth it’, off the closing track “Dirty Air”.  Though it could have been far better placed in the song “Gun In My Mouth”, it’s a poignant point nonetheless.  Sometimes, it just isn’t- however, this record absolutely IS.  KCHC on fucking top!
-Aunty Social

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