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Friday, November 29, 2013

Drose- A Voice 7” review

Drose- A Voice 7” review
This slab o’wax is straight up STRANGE- sort of a mix of many genres.  The first song is an instrumental kind of industrial noise with a slight incline towards noise rather than music- weird, but good.  The second song “My Face” is like loud industrial, possibly gothy rock, if the imagery were different.  The record sleeve/cover isn’t indicative of any goth style, at least that I’m aware of.  Still, this song is a very catchy, semi-danceable number- soothing in the way that loud music probably should be.  “A Cry” continues this post punk/industrial/dancewave vibe- very simple vocals and drum rhythms, grindy guitars, and crunchy bass sounds; it sounds like postmodern cyborgs fucking in the back room of a gothy nightclub- one is hard pressed to turn down something like that.  “Knuckle” keeps the vibe going, but seems more like noisy no wave music, being largely devoid of structured music, but still having female vocals sing and give a purring sort of howl in the background- interesting.  For those who like City Club’s soundtracks and those who like their shit way off the beaten path.  I was truly surprised that I liked this, and even more than I happened across it.  Ka-ching!
-Aunty Social

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